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Spotlight on Marta Tuchowska

Marta Tuchowska

Marta is a certified Massage Therapist and a Wellness Coach. Her passion for wellness also led her to study Holistic Nutrition, Aroma Therapy, Herbal Remedies and Homeopathy. She believes that Natural Therapies are a life-long study and she never stops investigating.

After getting started on massage, she realized that it's not only about manual therapy. She wanted to expand her services and make them more holistic. She became fascinated with the power of the mind after following coaches like Tony Robbins. Even though she loves being a massage therapist she decided to combine it with coaching and as a result, her very own Holistic Wellness coaching for modern people was born.

Another ambition that Marta had was to create a global holistic health project- this is why she got involved in writing. She knew that her books could be the best tool to set up her global holistic wellness project so she could spread wellness all over the globe, not only in Barcelona area where she currently lives. Marta is now a full-time author dedicated to wellness, health, motivation and holistic therapy and healing.

Marta is the author of the series: Create Your Holistic Wellness Spa At Home and other books dedicated to Wellness, Nutrition and Relaxation. She is also an avid blogger and is addicted to social media.

Other passions of hers include languages, travelling, reading and linguistics. She holds a BA degree in English Philology, translation, linguistics and foreign languages. She left her native Poland so as to live and explore other countries and look for inspiration for life when she was only 20! She has finally (but perhaps temporarily, as in the end, everything is temporary!) settled down near Barcelona, in the most beautiful autonomous province of Spain- Catalonia. Marta has also lived in the United Kingdom and in Italy.

Marta was introduced to natural therapies only as a little girl and every day she is grateful for the solutions that natural medicine has provided her with. The reason is very simple: When she was five years old, she suffered from severe attacks of uveitis and nearly lost her eyesight. Chemical medical treatments only made her poor, weak organism out of balance and nothing seemed to work. The doctors at that time did not know how to cure uveitis. Luckily, her parents searched for other solutions and they found a medical doctor who also specialized in naturopathy. It was thanks to homeopathy, phytotherapy and balanced nutrition that uveitis attacks were defeated and her eyesight was saved. The doctor that saved her eyesight is now almost 100 years old and is still enjoying great health! This is why she is such a believer in natural medicine.
As a patient, Marta also believes in standard medicine and the fusion of the two worlds but she always advises people to explore the natural and holistic ways as much as possible.

Now aged 31, Marta feels focused, happy and fulfilled. Of course she had her ups and downs on her way to discovering what she really wanted to do in this world but she also feels grateful for bad times. She recognizes the fact that it is thanks to obstacles that we grow and push ourselves to think outside of the box (yes, the famous BOX!). Even though Marta struggled with the lack of purpose and no zest for life for some time, those negative experiences finally led her to discover the world of Natural Therapies and WELLNESS.
If you are interested in learning more about Marta, visit her blogs:

Get Slim Stay Slim – Permanently
Review of
Alkaline Diet Recipes
by Marta Tuchowska 

From the moment I read Marta Tuchowska's Alkaline Diet Recipes book, I was hooked. I love the whole concept of balancing my food-intake in this natural way. Alkaline foods are gentle on the system and create a feeling of energized well-being. Heartburn, indigestion and many other acidic based digestive problems can so easily be avoided by Marta's wonderfully simplistic method for restoring natural balance in our everyday diet.

As someone who has used homeopathy to control and ease the pain of arthritis, I know from personal experience that Marta's message of Holistic Wellness, and harnessing the natural world, is beneficial in all aspects of life.

The recipes in this book are easy to follow. And the ones I've tasted - delicious.
Marta's approach to wellness, and adding it to a weight reduction program, will help give an extra boost of energy and vitality that is so essential to changing past bad health habits.

I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone wanting to, as Marta puts it, Restore Balance and the Zest for Life.

Wishing you continued success in your weight reduction programme.

Josephine Sanchez-Vanner

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Thinking Thin

Can You Think Yourself Thin?

The answer to that question – is – yes you can.

When I say think yourself thin – I don't mean that you get into a frame of mind where you stop eating sensibly and become severely underweight.

That's called anorexia. It's a nasty and a cruel trick our culture plays on many young people both male and female. Getting them to believe their lives will be better if they look like unrealistic pictures in a fashion magazine.

The sad desire to look like a ultra skinny supermodel, is neither attractive or healthy, and it certainly will not make anyone's lives better.

Then, neither is morbid obesity, attractive or healthy.

The average dress size for a woman in the UK has gone from a size 12 to a size 14. We haven't blinked at the possible consequences of this. A continuing increase in our waistlines that could at some future date, see the average dress size spiral out of control?

Often on social media, pictures of so called 'big and beautiful' women are posted with captions such as – I'm fat get over it. or. I'm big, beautiful and sexy.

When I point out to the whoever has posted these pictures, that being heavily overweight is very bad for that person, and is neither beautiful or sexy – but possibly life threatening. The 'PC' comments in favor of fat – stop.

Too fat – unhealthy.

Too thin – unhealthy.

The right balance between fat and thin – healthy.

Most people know what is a healthy weight for them. They just have to look in the mirror, and be honest about what they see.

The problem many people face today is, not only the wide variety of foods available - but the over-abundance of unhealthy, easy to prepare, processed foods, that have high sugar contents and over refined ingredients.

These foods are often in a very clever disguise. They are made to look appetizing, and are packaged in such a way that they also look good for us, when in reality they are not.

The manufacturers of these foods are not going to put their customers health before their profits. We have to do it for ourselves. We have to make the choice to use fresh, unrefined and healthy ingredients in our daily food-intake.

Obesity causes, Diabetes. Heart problems. Circulatory conditions... it's a long list, and well documented.

So what can we do? We can change our eating habits and cut out the foods that are creating obesity, and all the dangerous side effects that come with being excessively overweight.

A diet and an exercise program tailored to an individuals needs – is the answer.

BUT – the but is, if you do not change the way you think and look at the foods that have made you overweight in the first place, all the effort you put in to 'losing' that excess weight, will not be permanent, and the fat will come piling back on again.

Statistics tell us that in approximately 95% of dieters who lose weight, they replace it. Adding insult to injury, when the weight is regained the dieters is often heavier than before they started their diet.

Keeping your excess weight from not coming back again – is often described by many diet experts as a lifetimes commitment.

That may sound appalling to you. It does to me. A lifetimes commitment to suffering edible deprivation. Who want to do that? Not many.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The wonderful gift you have of your subconscious mind can help in obtaining your desired healthy weight by you using your subconscious to instill in yourself a whole new way of looking at eating and drinking.

If you have bought and read my book Get Slim Stay Slim – Permanently, then you know what I am talking about.

If you are still to buy the book, I am confident that if you do, and you read it, it will change the way you approach getting slim and staying slim.

Put in your mind the phrase – life time commitment – and alarm bells will surely ring out.

Living is a life time commitment. So is eating...what's the big deal?

Reducing your weight, is just part of life. Keeping off your weight, another part of life.

Use my methods, and stop thinking about the time it will take you to discard your unwanted pounds.

Stop thinking that the road of dieting will never end.

Think in different ways about what you are doing.

You are beginning your road to personal success. To fulfillment. To feeling good about yourself. To achievement.

This is a happy journey. A holiday trip that you will continue to enjoy.

Every day you wake, look forward to another day closer to your goal weight.

If you are at goal weight, look forward to knowing you are in control of what goes in your mouth. And that it is easy – so very – easy, to maintain your goal weight.

With every temptation to go back to your previous unhealthy eating style that is ignored, celebrate and be proud of your personal achievement.

Wishing you continued success in your weight reduction programme.

Josephine Sanchez-Vanner

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