No BODY is Perfect

No BODY is Perfect.

Get Slim Stay Slim – Permanently, is primarily a guide to slimming and permanent weight reduction, but if you have read it, you will know that it is also a motivational book.

What if your body is never going to be the size and shape you want it to be?

What if no matter how hard you try to reduce your weight or change how your body looks, you are never satisfied with the results.

Unfortunately it is very easy to feel dissatisfied with ourselves and equally as easy to worry about what others think of us.

Here's the thing – you are you.

It's that simple.

If like me, you are five foot tall, and are just not designed to be as ridiculously skinny as a catwalk clothes hanger. And to be that thin – is in my opinion - plainly stupid. A tall over skinny person often appears to be suffering from some kind of illness – probably borderline malnutrition.

That said, being obese or a few pounds over weight, if it is in an unhealthy weight zone, is as bad for your well-being as anorexia.

But - If you are slimming because you hate yourself, and not because you want to be healthy, then take a step back.

The thing is - you have to start loving yourself.

Why? Because you are always going to be you.

Let me explain what I am talking about.

I stay a size 12 UK, not because I am concerned about what people might think of me if I were any bigger - but because I love myself. I am a mature person, I need to be fit and healthy to enjoy a better quality of life.

My reasons for keeping my weight under control are about my well-being, and not because I worry what other people think of me.

I don't subscribe to -

Hey I'm fat get over it.” or “Big is beautiful.”

Big is overweight and fat is overweight – whichever way you dress it up.

Trying to convince others that you like being fat is not the answer.

And trying to convince yourself – simply won't work. You know it's not true. You conscious mind does not like being fat.

It's that subconscious mind of yours that you have to convince. The part of you that exists to make you happy.

If you have read my book Get Slim Stay Slim – Permanently, then you will know what I'm talking about. If you haven't read the book, I'm sorry but it would make this article too long to explain it in-depth here.

You have got to put a full-stop to filling your subconscious mind with thoughts that reinforce to it that you don't like yourself, and that you are unhappy about you. In other words you've got to stop your subconscious from looking around for way to make you happy.

The subconscious mind does not understand that comfort foods do not ultimately give any comfort. It's simply not interested in the long term. It's interested in the 'now', and If, the 'now' is making you unhappy, it wants to change that. Sending signals of self-loathing will result in your subconscious wanting to cheer you up. And if cheering you up means eating fattening foods – then you will.

You need to re-program your thoughts from the negative to the positive.

How do you do this?

Why – Self-Hypnosis of course.

By now you will have mastered the basic meditation technique.

See - Chapter 5 – The Three Ways to Successful Weight Reduction -

When you get to the part where you think the words to retrain your subconscious – **** put in the words that will retrain your subconscious from the negative thoughts you have about yourself to the positive ones.

Remember you have to use precise language....

Extract from Get Slim Stay Slim – Permanently.

Part Two – This part is about using 'precise' language during Self-Hypnosis in the right way to re-train your subconscious.

Everything you tell your subconscious has to be thought out properly, including how you set out your goals.

There's no point in telling your subconscious you want to get rid of your weight for only one reason, say a wedding because as soon as the wedding has come and gone, back will come the excess weight.

It's essential you explain to your subconscious in very clear and precise language that you are about a new way of enjoying a healthier way of eating.

Of course, there's nothing wrong in wanting to look stunning for the day of a wedding but what about afterwards? Your subconscious needs to know about after the special event.

You have to define to your subconscious exactly what it is you want. I want to get slim should translate to – I want to reduce my excess weight by X number of pounds.

I want to be rich should translate to – I want to make/win £X million pounds. And it's a good idea to write these goals down. Writing them down helps to reinforce to your subconscious that this time you are serious about throwing away that unwanted weight.

I will work towards my goals by using the skills I have to achieve making the money I desire or in the case of winning your millions – I will buy a ticket!

Once you have written down your goals and I am working on the basis that your goals are weight reduction orientated, you then add to them the reason why you want each goal.

For example ----

I want to reduce ten pounds because I know I will feel healthier and more content with myself.

As I said earlier, if you tell your subconscious I want to reduce ten pounds for my daughter’s wedding day, the chances are that after the wedding, your subconscious will think it is now fine to put the weight back on. And on will go those unwanted pounds once again.

The subconscious needs to be given very specific reasons to do something or equally not to do something.

Nothing wrong with wanting to reduce weight to look good on someone's wedding day but you need to want to stay with that weight reduction once the day has come and gone. No point in uncontrolled eating at the buffet table as soon as the great day comes and undoing all the previous hard work of downsizing.

Next – your goals have to be selfish.

Your subconscious is only interested in your well being. Your subconscious will see a goal that is for some one else’s benefit as a half hearted attempt.

I want to reduce my weight so that people will like me --- wrong.

I want to reduce my weight so that I feel confident in myself and can interact with people more positively --- right.

A happy motivated person attracts to them like minded people, in turn this gives you up-lift, creating a circle of positivism.

A person who is miserable, not for any particular reason other than it is just their way – what do you do? You often avoid them.

When you see a person who is cheerful and enjoyable to be with, again – what do you do? You go toward them. You want them as your friend.

Trust me the inner you always shows itself on the outside. You may think you hide your true feelings from the rest of us but in reality, there is often a small chink in our armour that somehow manages to show through.

Once you are practised in using the Self-Hypnosis basic technique you can then talk to your subconscious.

**** You will have seen the four stars on basic technique script, that is where you will now start to put in the words you need to re-train your thoughts about your choices for a healthier eating plan.

To help you become familiar with the language you need to use when talking to your subconscious. I've put together a simple word format as a guideline to help you on your way.

I want to maintain a steady weight reduction week each and every week until I have discarded my excess weight. I want to do this healthily and at a pace that suits me.

Repeat this or your a similar phrase 3 or 4 times. This will emphasis to your subconscious your determination to change it's pre-programming.

Remember, the subconscious mind likes positive things, so you must use positive language.

Do not tell your subconscious what you don’t want. Tell your subconscious what you do want for – for example

I don’t want to be over weight - is wrong because it uses the negative word – don't.

I will be slim and healthy - is right because it uses the positive word – will.

A better way to construct your sentence would be - I will maintain a steady weight reduction of 1 kilo a week each and every week until I have reached my ideal weight.

Added at the end of that sentence you could also say - I desire only to eat healthy foods or I will look forward to exercising for my benefit and health each and every day.

The more you become accustomed to Self-Hypnosis, the more you will be able interchange your script wording with positive suggestions of your own.

end of extract –

So what don't you like about yourself – and why?

The easy bit is what don't you like about yourself – you know what you don't like, the harder bit is the – why?

Let me give you my own example...

I never had any faith in my own abilities.

As well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and an author of paranormal novels, I am also a medium. For my American readers, a channeller.

I had my first psychic experience as a young child, and as I grew up my ability to communicate with spirit grew – but my confidence didn't. I was asked many times to come along to a Spiritualist Church and develop my gift.

I always said, “No thanks.” - Why? I did not believe in myself.

Finally, I met a very well known medium who would take none of my nonsense. She believed in me, so I put my fears to one side, trained with her to develop my gift, and became a 'platform medium'.

How did I do this?

I taught myself - to believe in myself.

I used to be shy – not any more. I can stand up on a Church platform or on a stage in-front of a large audience, and give, as we Spiritualists call it, evidence of survival.

I have now been a 'platform medium' for many years, and have worked in England and in Europe.

When I lived in Spain, I started and ran a weight reduction club were I stood up in-front of audiences of slimmers, and gave talks without hesitation on how to achieve success through my method of Self-Hypnosis.

I trained as a medium before I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
It was not until I learnt about Hypnotherapy, did I realise that I had been training my subconscious to change my negative thought patterns about myself to more positive ones.

Of course, if what you hate about yourself, is something you can't physically change, then train your subconscious to accept it as a positive of who you are.

Be positive about yourself.

Know you are a worthwhile person.

Don't let others put you down.

Quite often when someone puts you down it's because they themselves have issues of self-doubt, and want to push their own feelings of inadequacy onto you.

Here's a neat thing to try.

When that kind of person is being rude or emotionally abusive to you, imagine a mirror as tall and as wide as the person who is doing the hurting.

Put the mirror in front of yourself, like a shield of protection, and then imagine all their negativity bouncing off the mirror back at them.

Smile – and repeat to yourself – words that comfort you.

Any of the following helps.

I am a worthwhile person. I am not the person the idiot in front of me is saying I am.

He/she is not better than me.

I believe in me. I am capable of doing all the things I need to do.

Rapid Suggestion is great for thinking short sentences when you are in a situation where someone is being cruel at your expense.

And finally – never doubt yourself.

Slim to be healthy and not to seek the approval of others – you don't need their approval – you are a worthwhile person.

You are a wonderful marvellous human being – never forget that.

Wishing you continued success in your weight reduction programme.

Josephine Sanchez-Vanner

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