Does size really matter?

Does size really matter?

It's very easy to get hung up on dress sizes, and even easier to buy clothes that are too small for you, telling yourself, you will fit into it once you have 'lost' your excess weight.

But what if those sizes don't really match to what they say on the labels?

I have clothes that range from a size 10 UK all the way up to a size 18 UK!

Why? - Not because I grow lager and then smaller on a daily basis. It comes down to – the clothes manufactures are not necessarily uniform in how they determine the size of their garments.

So how does this impact on someone who is trying to reduce their weight?

Well for a start it doesn't do much for the sense of achievement when you have reduced weight, only to think you've gone up a dress size - when in actual fact – you haven't.

Okay – yes it's wonderful to go into a shop, and pick out an item of clothing that is one or more sizes smaller than the items you have in your wardrobe.

The problem is, it's no way wonderful to try something on that is too tight, when it should be the right size.

To stop the destructive mode of your conscious mind wanting to give up your reduction program, take no notice of the size of garment you are going to buy.

Forget about - “Yeah – I'm a size - whatever.” and take no notice of what's on the label.

Choose clothes that you know will fit you. Avoid thinking I know it does not fit me now – but it will next – or next month. Live for the now when it comes to clothes.

No matter what the garment size says on the label – if it looks like the right size, then try it on - if it fits you – and you want to buy it. Buy it!

You are after all selling slimming success to your subconscious mind, so by not allowing yourself to get 'hung up' on the variation in dress sizes you are giving your subconscious the boost to keep going with your healthier lifestyle.

The other day I was wearing size 10 leggings with a size 12 T-shirt over which was a size 14 jumper. When I see myself in the mirror I look normally proportioned, so, as they say – 'go figure'.

Wishing you continued success in your weight reduction programme.

Josephine Sanchez-Vanner

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